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Natural Awakenings Boston

Program on Emotions and Heart Health

I AM Healing Sanctuary and Sole Woman are offering a one-night program from 7 to 8:30 p.m., February 11, in Sharon, to teach attendees how to notice, identify and acknowledge how emotions can affect heart health. Heart to Heart: The Emotions that Affect Your Health, will cover topics including which emotions bring on symptoms of heart attack and congestive heart failure, how emotions can cause disease and which organs represent different emotions such as the connection between anger and the liver, and fear and the kidneys.

Attendees will learn “body talk” to address symptoms such as slouched posture, upper back pain, coughing and shallow breathing as the body’s way to protect the heart and the emotions we hold inside.

Cost: $25. Location: 18 Sherwood Cir., Sharon. For more information or to register, call Barbara Strassman at 781-784-1955, email [email protected] or visit