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Love Money to Get More of It

Jan 30, 2014 02:00AM ● By Dr. Mindy Kopolow

Money was invented by human beings because the system of barter which prevailed on the planet for so many years was limited and inadequate. A bean farmer interested in purchasing fish for dinner could approach a fisherman and ask to exchange beans for fish. However, if the fisherman declined, then the farmer, without any other means of obtaining fish, would most likely have eaten beans for dinner again.

Money solved the innate problems contained in the barter system. The concise and consistent value of money provided an even playing field for exchange. As human beings evolved, so did our system for the exchange of goods and services, allowing people to get what they wanted in an easier and more efficient way.

Wanting things and having a desire for improved conditions is intrinsic to the nature of humankind; for this reason, we shouldn’t feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed for wanting them. Money is often the intermediary or the agent that works between our desire and the acquisition of material objects or specific experiences that we believe will make us happier. Our relationship with money creates energy, so it is essential to be aware of and understand how we define money and the qualities and characteristics that we project onto it.

The idea that money is implicitly bad and the root of all evil, and the notion that money is the measure of an individual’s success, permeate our culture. Everyone finds themselves somewhere along this continuum of extremes, but individuals that bounce back and forth between these two polar beliefs end up unsatisfied with their money situation. Negative feelings and beliefs about money create an obstacle to acquiring it. In order to have money, it is essential to relinquish all negative and self-defeating thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money and to embrace, appreciate and honor money for the positive energy that it is.

Money is a rich and powerful source of inspiration, ideas, creativity and good will, creating connections and opportunities between people. The beliefs and feelings we project outward about money will be reflected back to us in an accurate and telling manner. For money to flow into our lives we must love money; for an abundance of money, we must love ourselves, too.

Dr. Mindy Kopolow is a clinical psychologist and money energy coach. She is the creator of Money Energy World, which is both a money philosophy and a class. In her work, she assists people in releasing fearful and self-defeating beliefs about money. For more information, visit

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