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Letter from Editor

Feb 27, 2014 03:43PM

I read a lot of different magazines for research purposes in my role as a Natural Awakenings managing editor. While I primarily review them for content, I also pay attention to elements such as cover blurbs, layout design, graphics and ads. A popular national 140-page conventional healthcare magazine landed in my hands the other day, and as I flipped through it I was dumbstruck by the number of pages allocated to drug ads; 27 full pages in all! How can it be that nearly 20 percent of a so-called ‘health’ magazine encourages people to become regular users of prescription drugs? And that’s even before considering all the dangerous side effects. That isn’t health care; it’s disease management, if that, more like disguising symptoms while leaving root causes unidentified and untreated.

Natural health advocates know that good health begins with eating healthful foods, the theme of this month’s Food Trends issue. Thankfully, securing truly nutritious food has never been easier, as noted in this month’s EcoTip, “Healthy Food at Boston’s Front Doors,” a snapshot of two local companies that make home deliveries of fresh local and organic fruits and vegetables plus one that delivers freshly prepared meals to busy Boston area residents.

We’re equally fortunate to have contributor Myrna Greenfield report on the status of the genetically modified organisms (GMO) labeling movement as it heats up in Massachusetts. Martin Dagoberto, the network facilitator for the Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs nonprofit, urges that with everyone’s effort, “We’re hitting a critical mass of awareness. It’s only a matter of time before we regain control of our food supply.” Now is the time to take action to help pass legislation that would require GMO labeling in our state; otherwise it will be 2015 before we get another chance at it (see page 31).

Just as important as putting good foods in our bodies is removing the toxins we are exposed to every day. Recently, magazine staff members were guests at Raffa Yoga’s Urban Sweat, an innovative spa in Cranston, Rhode Island, where we made the most of several hours of relaxing and detoxifying in rooms such as their Eucalyptus Steam Room, Black Charcoal Sauna and Himalayan Salt Grotto. Urban Sweat’s services include yoga, bodywork, facials and a juice bar with raw meals. We returned recommending a day trip there and to other area spas to glean all of the therapeutic benefits.

Of course, regular exercise is also vital to health and wellness. We rejoice that spring’s longer hours of daylight naturally call us outside to breathe in fresh air and get our bodies moving.

Eat well, eliminate toxins and exercise—OK, I’m ready to do it. How about you?

Be well,

Nancy Somera, Managing Editor

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