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GROTON WELLNESS: Holistic Dental Care and More for Total Well-being

Feb 28, 2014 02:35AM ● By Kim Childs

Dr. Jean Nordin-Evans

Jean Nordin-Evans, a holistic dentist and co-owner of Groton Wellness, in Groton, graduated from dental school in 1999. Shortly afterwards she moved to Boston, where she met Dr. Bob Evans, a seasoned practitioner of holistic dentistry who charmed her both personally and professionally, showing her a new way to treat patients.

“The difference was palpable,” says Nordin-Evans. “He seemed to really care about the person and their whole being, not just getting in and fixing teeth, and he factored in everything that was happening with them physiologically.”

The couple would eventually marry and open their own practice, Groton Dental Wellness, in 2004. Ten years later, the practice includes a medical practice and therapeutic spa, a farm-to-table café and detoxification and wellness education programs. The staff includes a functional M.D., naturopathic doctor, RN, herbalist, acupuncturist, holistic psychotherapist, wellness coach, nutritionist and practitioners of thermography, EAV, kinesiology and chiropractic.

“Our goal is to help people shift into a different reality of looking at what health and wellness and, ultimately, happiness really is for themselves,” says Nordin-Evans, adding that the dental practice is expanding this anniversary year. “If you want to treat the whole person, you need to figure out the nutrition side, the detoxification needs and the personal wellness on all levels.”

Detoxification is a primary concern at Groton Wellness, where dentists begin with a comprehensive exam of the teeth, gums and all supporting structures. “If there is toxicity in the mouth, it can affect the rest of the body,” says Nordin-Evans. “Silver fillings, for example, contain 50 percent mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet.”

The dentists at Groton look for metals in silver amalgam fillings, dental implants, crowns and bridges. They also check for root canals, which can negatively impact the immune system, according to Nordin-Evans. “The mouth is the starting place for wellness in the body, beginning with the fact that teeth need to work properly for us to eat,” she says. “And because the mouth is a place where many of us have had lots of intervention, we begin by looking for the presence of toxins, letting patients decide whether or not they want to address it.”

If detoxification is desired, it can be done through a variety of means at Groton Wellness. “It doesn’t have to be painful or involve expensive work,” Nordin-Evans reports, “It can mean using the far-infrared sauna at the center, taking clay or magnesium baths or periodically doing colon hydrotherapy, as well as working with practitioners who suggest dietary changes, supplements and other remedies that can help with detoxification.”

Once the detoxification is done, it’s important to “feed” the person with massage, facials and nourishing food, says Nordin-Evans. “People tend to think of detoxing as being all about extracting, but it’s really about eliminating some of the toxins we’re all exposed to and then figuring out ways to re-nourish the person physiologically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Examining the root causes of tooth decay is another concern among Groton practitioners, where patients of all ages can show up with cavities, even when they are eating healthy diets. “A person who is absorbing nutrients and has good system functioning will not get cavities,” says Nordin- Evans. “When someone is doing all the right things with their diet and still getting cavities or gum inflammation, we dig deeper and figure out what’s not working in the body.”

Inflammation in the gums can indicate inflammation in the arteries, which is the root of cardiovascular disease, Nordin-Evans notes. Groton practitioners can run tests to determine the presence of toxins in the body, see what nutrients patients are and are not absorbing and gauge how well someone’s systems are functioning. In the process, problems outside the mouth can be discovered and addressed.

“Our healthcare system today is focused on saying, ‘This is your symptom, let’s give you something to cover it up,’” Nordin-Evans notes. “If I simply prescribe more fluoride for tooth decay, I’m not getting at the source of the problem. Teaching someone to care for their teeth holistically can improve their whole life.”

Groton Wellness is located in Mill Run Plaza, 493 Main St. (Rte. 119), Groton. For more information, call 978-449- 9919 or visit