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Fitness Training for People and Their Pets

Spring sessions have begun at Fit Doggie and Me, a unique workout program for people and their dogs. Spring Session II, the next four-week session, takes place on Saturdays, May 3 to May 31, and Sundays, May 4 to June 1, at Crate Escape, in Belmont, but location is subject to change due to weather.

Mike Harb, creator of Fit Doggie and Me, is a certified personal trainer who launched the program after hearing a recurring excuse from his clients. “They tell me they don’t have time to work out because they have to walk and spend time with their dogs,” says Harb. “Rather than let clients miss out on physical activity, I set out to find a solution and created the program last year.”

Sessions feature certified personal and dog trainers and such drop-in canine professionals as veterinarians, nutritionists and groomers. Each session includes strength and resistance exercises and a series of cardio and calisthenic exercises that progress from low to high intensity.

“Clients can expect to see increased cardiovascular fitness, increased strength and conditioning, weight loss or decreased body fat and more muscle tone and energy levels, along with increased overall health and excitement about coming to class,” says Harb, a former Taekwondo Australian National Team member who has trained athletes and non-athletes of all ages and serves as head trainer for Gold’s Gym in Arlington. “This applies to people and pets, alike.”

For more information and to register, call 617-335-4903 or visit

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