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Honey “Bee” Good for Fido

Honey, long considered medicine for people, is also good for dogs. In addition to being easy on the stomach and predigested by bees, honey can hamper the growth of unsafe bacteria throughout a dog’s entire digestive tract. It can also be used topically on wounds, acting as an anti-inflammatory.

For pups that suffer seasonal allergies, raw, local honey from area beehives contains small amounts of pollen that, when ingested, can help to develop immunity over time. “While this may not be a total cure for a dog’s allergy symptoms, it can reduce such annoying symptoms as itching and may help your dog feel better in just a few short weeks,” says Gail Pasquale, owner of the Bare Naked Dog Bakery. “A little daily raw honey also gives a dog a boost of trace minerals and vitamins. For arthritic dogs, some owners find improved mobility health benefits with daily doses of raw, local honey.”

Pasquale notes that raw honey should not be given to children under the age of one, or to young animals such as puppies, due to the risk of contracting botulism. As a high-glycemic food, honey is also contraindicated for diabetic dogs.

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