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Natural Awakenings Boston

Conquer Cancer by Upcycling E-Waste

Help eliminate cancer causing e-Waste from our water, soil and air by upcycling outdated cell phones, laptops, iPhones/IOS devices, video games and tablets to be refurbished (100 percent guaranteed HIPAA compliant data destruction) and re-sold to support funding for Boston’s Dana- Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

Visit the Jimmy Fund upcycling page listed below to enter the devices to be donated then mail them with a pre-paid shipping label. You can give individual devices or get your friends, family or business involved in bulk upcycling.

The Jimmy Fund solely supports Dana-Farber, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world.

To learn more and receive free shipping labels, visit