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Puppy Day School Program Expands at Picture Perfect Pets

Picture Perfect Pets, In Burlington, has added a second Puppy Bus to its fleet due to the growing demand for its Puppy Day School, a drop-off dog training program. Owner Bette Yip says training begins the moment the bus driver arrives at the dog’s home, where the animal practices patiently waiting, being released and walking on a leash from doorway to bus.

“Dogs love the Puppy Bus program,” says Yip. “While there is usually a little chatter as the dogs greet each new rider that joins the pack, they soon settle into enjoying a peaceful, quiet and relaxing ride to set the tone for their school day.”

Yip says that the Puppy Bus experience is an effective way for puppies to learn how to ride safely in a vehicle early on. “Young puppies start out riding in a crate that’s secured into the vehicle, which is the safest way for a dog to ride in a car,” Yip notes. “For practical reasons, some large-breed dogs graduate to riding in special seatbelt harnesses.” Yip says that dogs can move from Puppy Day School to a Doggy Middle School curriculum and, eventually, Mentor Dog status.

Location: Picture Perfect Pets, 374 Cambridge St., Burlington. For more information, call 617-966-4240 or