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Buxton Hollow Compost Tea Makes Gardening Safer: Product Spotlight

Buxton Hollow Farm Certified Organic Compost Tea was created for people interested in gardening without the use of chemical fertilizers. Its balanced compost tea blend, when actively aerated in its Buxton Hollow Farm Tea Pot, incubates a micro-herd of aerobic, beneficial, micro-organisms that can be immediately applied to soil and plants. These organisms quickly go to work to break down biodegradable materials, creating nutrients in the soil to promote rich healthy plants.

“Agriculture today is not sustainable as we know it as long as we continue to use chemicals and pesticides,” says Frank Jacques, owner of Buxton Hollow Farm. “We’ve got to think of local, sustainable gardening, and our compost tea is the tool that will allow it to happen.”

Buxton Hollow Compost Tea Blend can be used as a foliar feed, a soil drench, or both. Soil drenches are best for building up the soil microbial activities and supplying lots of beneficial soluble nutrients to the plant’s root system and the topsoil texture. Foliar feeds are best for quick fixes of trace elements and small portions of other soluble nutrients into the plant through its leaves. Foliar feeds are also good for plant disease control.

“Most gardeners know the best chance at a healthy plant starts with healthy soil,” says Jacques. “This is a great way to build healthy soil naturally.”

Here’s how to use it:

1. Drop the small burlap bag into the brew pot

2. Plug in the aerator and let it brew for 24 or more hours

3. Open the spigot located at the bottom of the pail to fill a spray bottle or watering can

4. Apply to the soil or plant

To shop for Buxton Hollow Compost Tea, call 401-767- 6700 or visit or