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Healing with Mother’s Milk Divine Mother Energy

Anna Clayton

Anna Clayton, MA, LMFT, of Aditi Healing Arts, specializes in a new healing modality designed to clear such issues as depression and trauma at their roots. Clayton, who has been a counselor for 20 years and practiced energy healing for 11 years, is also a certified holistic health and nutrition coach.

“I have my own unique healing modality, which uses Mother’s Milk Divine Mother Energy,” says Clayton. “I combine this soothing yet powerful divine feminine energy with awakened consciousness, plant spirit medicine, other shamanic techniques and my knowledge of herbalism and nutrition into what I call Therapeutic Energy Healing.”

Clayton, who will be certified as an herbalist this December, says that she used energy healing methods to heal her own depression and trauma. “I find that it works faster and deeper than psychotherapy,” she says. “Sessions are 90 minutes long and include time helping clients to pinpoint their issues and energy healing to clear them at the karmic level.” Clayton works with clients in person over the phone or via Skype.

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