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Natural Awakenings Boston

Workshop on Natural Vision Improvement for Computer Users

Certified Natural Vision Improvement Teacher, Ree Coleman, will present a workshop on combating Computer Vision Syndrome from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., August 4, at Village Yoga, in Marstons Mills. Coleman will teach attendees how to relax their eyes, apply ergonomics to their computers and handheld devices and reduce tired, stressed eyes.

“These days so many of us have tired, strained, weary eyes at the end of the day,” says Coleman. “In this workshop, people will learn how to get more mileage out of their visual day with simple, easy-to-apply vision enhancement techniques that can be done anywhere.”

Location: Village Yoga, 70 Industry Rd., #A-1, Marstons Mills. For more information, call 507-420-6500 or visit To learn more about Coleman Natural Vision Improvement, visit