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Organic Pet Treats Made with Maine Ingredients

Maine’s Best Organic Pet Treats has expanded to Boston, allowing more people to purchase organic treats for their pets that contain no fillers or preservatives. The family-owned and -operated business, headquartered in Leeds, Maine, started developing Training Liver Chews (TLC) in 1996 as a healthy treat for Venus, their Great Dane.

“Venus was a rescue dog and came from inauspicious circumstances,” says owner Ann Ward. “She’d been isolated, never socialized and demonstrated significant fear. But Venus blossomed with positive training, reinforced with TLC. Soon our friends and family members began requesting TLC for their dogs.”

Ward says that Maine’s Best is committed to using only the highest quality, human-grade organic ingredients in their pet treats. “They contain no corn, wheat, soy or preservatives,” Ward notes, “and we purchase our main ingredient, organic beef liver, from a certified organic farm just a stone’s throw from our headquarters.”

The company is also making efforts to minimize product packaging, and testing solar ovens for product baking. Maine’s Best donates 5 percent of profits to animal welfare and wildlife preservation, and this year supported the Fishfriends program, which provides local schools with a fish tank, water chiller and Atlantic salmon eggs to teach students about their local environment and salmon habitat.

For more information, call 207-933-5268 or visit