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Changing the Way Kids Raise Money for Schools

Kick The Cans is an initiative to eliminate school fundraising campaigns that have traditionally focused on product sales. The organization’s new model seeks to benefit the community and teach life lessons to young people while also raising funds for teams and clubs.

“The traditional fundraising model is broken,” says founder Manassah Bradley. “A Kick The Cans fundraiser teaches kids self-reliance, accountability, leadership and entrepreneurship while instilling a greater sense of pride and ownership in their communities.”

Bradley says his initiative helps communities through such projects as park clean-ups, graffiti wipe-outs and tree plantings, while taking pressure off parents and supporting kids’ interests and activities. “In the current model, our kids raise billions selling highpriced, low-quality products, and most of that money goes back to the fundraising company,” says Bradley. “With Kick The Cans, kids get to keep the vast majority of the money they raise. It’s not just another fundraiser, it’s a social movement.”

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