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Free Medical Marijuana Handbook Covers Laws, Use and Myths

Integr8 Massachusetts, an integrative healthcare practice in Burlington that specializes in the use of medical marijuana and other alternative treatments, has created a free, online handbook to help current and prospective medical marijuana users understand state laws concerning its use. The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Handbook is part of the organization’s community education and outreach program to help people make informed decisions.

“The handbook dispels some of the common myths of medical marijuana,” says Dr. Joey Rottman, medical director of Integr8 Massachusetts. “These include thinking that it makes you high, that there is no difference between recreational and medical marijuana, and that the only way to get the benefits of medical marijuana is by smoking it.”

The handbook outlines the laws in Massachusetts that govern the use, prescription and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes. It also explains the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of various health conditions. “Even though medical marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in November 2012, there is still much uncertainty about the laws and even more uncertainty about which medical conditions can be treated with it and how it works,” says Rottman.

The Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patient Handbook is available for free at Patient_Handbook_Mass.pdf. To learn more, call 781-328-4488 or visit