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Webinars on Using Feng Shui to Create Powerful Environments

Feng Shui master and author Steve Kodad is offering step-by-step training on how to use feng shui in the home. The training, which is presented in five live webinars and 26 recorded presentations, leads to certification as a feng shui design professional.

“Feng shui is an environmental art and science that supports living in harmony with the natural world, and it became known in the United States about 30 years ago,” says Kodad. “The words feng shui stand for wind and water, two of the most prevalent ways that life force energy, or chi, moves around the planet. An environment with good feng shui therefore feels comfortable, safe and very positive.”

Modules in the webinar series cover such topics as color psychology, furniture placement, curb appeal, use of the five senses, attracting and controlling chi, the yin/yang theory and using the five elements to create optimum balance.

“Feng shui is a powerful way to give all areas of your life a huge boost,” says Kodad. “It does not have to be difficult to follow, and gives us a blueprint of how to change our home or business in a positive and dynamic way.”

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