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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Intuitive Healing for Those That Wish to Awaken

Anna Clayton

Anna Clayton, an intuitive healer and owner of Aditi Healing Arts, in Arlington, is offering a unique intuitive healing method for people that want to resolve personal issues and accelerate their own awakening. Clayton says she uses her intuitive abilities to see the true self underneath each person and bring it to light.

“Even before I was spiritual, when I found out what enlightenment was I had the goal of awakening in this lifetime,” she says. “After years of meditating with spiritual teachers, I awakened in 2007. While everyone’s experience is different, mine felt like a deep, peaceful letting go and a doorway into a new way of being that completely changed how I am in the world.”

Clayton says that her own awakening helped her move through difficult emotions and increased her ability to be still and see inner truths more clearly. “When I work with clients, the awake consciousness in me resonates with the awake consciousness in them and helps them to remember their true divine nature.”

Clayton works with individuals, couples and groups to clear issues that are blocking them from awakening in life.

Location: Aditi Healing Arts, 259 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington. For more information, call 617-943-6980 or visit