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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Rituals With Meaning, Purpose and Value

The term “spiritual” was lost on me for most of my life. One would think growing up in an environment where church-going was a foundation I would have felt some connection to spiritual things from an early age.

I duly participated in Sunday morning and evening services, Sunday school, Tuesday prayer meetings, Wednesday Bible studies, daily devotions, bedtime prayers and myriad youth group activities. While I enjoyed most all of it and attended to the teachings like an intellectual sponge, in hindsight it’s clear that I was blindly going through the motions; I wasn’t feeling an inner connection with something greater than myself. Like many often do in life, I did what was expected without questioning why or asking “What’s missing for me?”

The whole idea of spirituality became enemy number one as I fell away from the church. I considered the concept synonymous with some version of religion and couldn’t seem to wrap my head around why such belief systems were important. It wasn’t until years later as I sought to feel better and grow into a better place that I turned to wide-ranging personal development tools and found myself feeling the twinkle of a connection to Spirit, Soul, Higher Power, Eternal Buddha, God, Allah, Universe, Source Energy or whatever one chooses to call the ineffable.

Since then, I’ve discovered some rituals that have meaning, purpose and value for me, such as daily meditation, consciously focusing on a good feeling upon waking, and devoting 10 minutes each morning to writing down positive aspects I see in myself and others that are either now apparent or that I desire to grow into.

Regardless of outward form, I’m now convinced that we can each find our way to a feeling of spiritual connectedness. When we do, miracles become visible. We begin to accept and love others unconditionally. Recognizing that I can no longer kill a spider illustrates my own sort of awakening. I’m wondering who I’ll be when I don’t have it in me to even do in a mosquito!

Our feature story, “Sacred Activism,” by Judith Fertig, provides evidence of the vital shift that is occurring whether or not we are aware of it consciously. A movement toward peace amid differences is possible, and as we gradually, individually, transform into experiencing life as love, the tipping point for the whole world inches ever closer.

Wherever you are on your wildly unique personal journey, I hope you are basking in this special moment in time filled with mounting evidence of a coming global shift in consciousness and spiritual connectedness. May you find some of what you are seeking within these pages.


Maisie Raftery, Publisher