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Joshua Lloyd, ND, and Kenyon Keily, Herbalist, Treatment of Lyme Disease at Groton Wellness

Lyme disease is an epidemic in our area and has spread throughout the world. It can become chronic and debilitating if left untreated. The disease itself is ever changing. Our team of professionals, led by Joshua Lloyd, ND, and Kenyon Keily, herbalist and graduate of Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico, has had tremendous success in managing this disease. They will help you on your journey to manage this disease, working collectively and collaboratively with the other highly skilled practitioners at Groton Wellness, as needed. Groton Wellness is a growing and vibrant center for health and healing.

Services provided: Holistic functional medicine, naturopathic and herbal approaches to Lyme disease.

Area of specialty: Lyme disease

Healing/healthy living philosophy: Lloyd and Keily say, “Lyme disease is ever changing and shows itself with varied symptoms in each individual. We follow patients through every stage of the illness to help restore optimal health.”

Joshua Lloyd, ND, and Kenyon Keily, Herbalist, Groton Wellness, Mill Run Plaza, 493 Main St. (Rte.119), Groton. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 978-449-9919 or visit