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Irina Serebryakova, NP, of Groton Wellness

Groton Wellness is a growing and vibrant center for health and healing consisting of holistic family dentistry and orthodontics, an integrative medical practice, a pampering and detoxifying therapeutic spa, and a clean food, farm-to-table café—all working together to provide exceptional community health care. We also offer exciting talks, cleanses, classes and events, many of which are free to the community. Groton Wellness has had enormous success treating chronic health issues such as Lyme disease, hormonal imbalance, mold and internal toxicity.

Services provided: Holistic functional medicine.

Areas of specialty: Hormone balancing, holistic gynecology, heavy metal detoxification, bone and muscle health, respiratory health and allergies, Quantum Reflex Analysis, thyroid imbalance, nutrition and digestion, weight management and fitness.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “As a holistic nurse practitioner, I search for the root cause of issues and don’t just treat a symptom,” says Serebryakova. “I take the time to get to know the whole patient, from health, lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and personal goals, in order to help them achieve optimal health.”

Irina Serebryakova, NP, Groton Wellness, Mill Run Plaza, 493 Main St. (Rte.119), Groton. Call for a free 15-minute phone consultation at 978-449-9919. For more information visit