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Natural Awakenings Boston

Laurie Harris, Certified Hypnotherapist/Life Transformation Consultant

Laurie Harris is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist and Life Transformation Consultant. She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve success by integrating mind, body and spirit to design, create and live a more powerful and authentic life. Hypnosis is a remarkable tool for helping individuals reach personal goals, make positive changes in life and overcome fears, anxieties, bad habits, phobias and countless areas of personal concern.

Services provided: Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Band Weight Loss.

Areas of specialty: Reaching goals, positive changes, pain management, pre- and post-surgery healing, weight loss, child birth, anxiety and panic disorders, phobias, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki and addressing stress, sleep issues, smoking and depression as well as chronic conditions such as migraines, IBS and fibromyalgia.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “Every person possesses the ability to access within themselves a deeper knowledge of what their problems are and how to solve them,” says Laurie.

Laurie Harris, Certified Hypnotherapist/Life Transformation Consultant. For more information, call 617-964-2446 , email [email protected], or visit