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Hug Your Pets

Feb 27, 2015 12:25PM

As a lifelong animal lover, I was pleased to learn that as of October the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has classified animal cruelty a Class A Felony, placing it in the same category as the most serious crimes, including firstdegree homicide. Taking it a step further, the agency will begin tracking animal abuse cases nationwide in order to assist local police and counselors in identifying and connecting with youngsters that show early signs of a tendency to abuse.

FBI studies show alarming connections between animal abuse and perpetrators of the most heinous human crimes ever committed. The hope and expectation is that early detection and intervention will help these children get the counseling and social support they need to live productive lives free of crime and abuse.

Looking out for the welfare of animals in equally important ways we find countless individuals and organizations leading the charge to help those in the animal kingdom unable to help themselves in the face of humanity’s onslaught. Sandra Murphy highlights several pioneers in this endeavor in our feature article, “Mission: Animal Rescue—Big and Small, They Need Our Help.” From home pet rescues to farm animal stewardship to wildlife habitat preservation, Murphy sums up the point simply: “One person’s care can make a difference. For an animal, it can mean life itself.”

We are proud to support the efforts of our friends at MASH Vet, Especially for Pets, and CitySide Subaru that make it possible for us to bring you our local Natural Pet department each month. If you’re ready to open your heart to a pet in need, please check out our shelter and rescue resource guide on page 31, sponsored by CitySide Subaru.

As promised in my January letter spotlighting our 2015 Natural Healthy Living Directory, we’re pleased to announce our first Natural Awakenings Mind-Body Experiential Event featuring the film, The Connection, showing at Arlington High School on Sunday, May 31. We’re planning a full-day event and will bring updates as more details become available, including ticket information. Space is limited, so mark your calendar now.

Meanwhile, enjoy this month’s natural health prescription: Hug your pets, hug loved ones, hug a new acquaintance and share some joy!


Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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