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Thought Alchemy Offers Transformational Hypnosis in Rehoboth

Certified Hypnotherapist and Consciousness Transformation Teacher Rose Siple has launched the Thought Alchemy center for transformation and hypnosis at 161 Agricultural Avenue in Rehoboth. Siple says the center is a place to make positive life changes happen through the powerful technique of hypnosis and other alternative methods of transformation.

“I have spent the past 10 years helping people transform their lives and heal from a wide range of life’s challenges and dis-ease, as the founder and director of studies at Healing Through Spirit,” says Siple. “As a teacher of consciousness studies, I have a deep understanding of the power of the subconscious mind and its flawless accuracy and access to answers that unlock our health and well-being.”

Siple assists people in developing their conscious mind to interact in complimentary fashion with their subconscious mind, resulting in positive changes. “I use this skill in my hypnosis work at Thought Alchemy to understand where the client’s conscious mind is at odds with their subconscious mind when it comes to desired changes,” she says. “I then develop a hypnotic formula to re-direct the subconscious mind, effectively replacing the old pattern with a new one. As a result, life becomes much easier to handle.”

The work is applicable to those seeking to achieve a healthy body image, attain a weight goal, become a non-smoker, reduce pain and make progress on other goals, says Siple, who works with clients in person and via Skype.

For more information, call 774-991-0574 or visit