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Natural Awakenings Boston

Telecourse on Basics of Natural Vision Improvement

Ree Coleman, owner of Coleman Natural Vision Inc., will present a spring telecourse on the basics of natural vision improvement. The eight-week program begins April 14, and continues weekly via telephone. Coleman says the course is for people that want to improve their eyesight and for those that want to maintain healthy visual habits to keep their eyes strong.

“If eyes can worsen, why can’t they improve?” says Coleman. “We can gain control over our eyesight and how our eyes are used with consciousness and awareness,” she explains.

Course participants will learn about ways to avoid aging and stressing their eyes, changing the ways they use their eyes, eating for better eyesight and increasing circulation and flexibility to the body, neck and eyes through the breath. “In eight weeks I can teach people how to read more easily, see in the distance without straining, expand their peripheral vision, deeply relax their eyes and customize their workspace to enhance improved vision,” Coleman says.

Coleman says the course can help people to improve vision near and far and become less dependent on external correction and less sensitive to the sun. She’ll also cover how to incorporate yoga into daily life, avoid overcorrection in eyeglass prescriptions, and reduce or avoid Computer Vision Syndrome.

The course includes a Better Vision Evaluation with Coleman and participation in a Better Vision Group and Better Vision private Facebook group.

For more information, call 617-838-0928 or visit