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Holistic Gynecological Services Now Offered at Groton Wellness

Irina Serebryakova

Irina Serebryakova, a holistic Nurse Practitioner, now offers holistic gynecological services at Groton Wellness, in Groton. Serebryakova, who has more than nine years of experience in holistic gynecology, says she is pleased to offer this comprehensive approach to women seeking integrative health services.

“Holistic gynecology differs from typical gynecology in that it combines Western medical techniques with wholebody, natural approaches to make women feel amazing as they journey through life,” says Serebryakova. “Women’s health is a challenging and exciting arena for a practitioner, and I am eager to work with women at Groton Wellness to help them in any way that I can.”

Groton Wellness is a holistic dental and medical practice with a therapeutic spa and a café that serves nutritious, wholefood dishes with ingredients sourced from local farms. The center has had great success treating such chronic health issues as Lyme disease, hormonal imbalance, mold and internal toxicity.

Location: Groton Wellness, Mill Run Plaza, 493 Main St., Groton. For more information, call 978-842-8026 or visit