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Monitoring and Maintaining Lymphatic Circulation for Healthy Breasts

Apr 30, 2015 10:54PM ● By Susan Shaw Saari and Matthew Robinson

In the paradigm of Chinese Medicine the concept of a balanced river of qi and blood flowing smoothly throughout the body is the image of good health. When any influence, whether internal or external, physical, mental or emotional disturbs this flow, disease may follow.

In the Western medical model, the lymphatic system is analogous to a major branch of the river of qi and blood described in Chinese Medicine. As a major component of the body’s immune system, the lymphatic system also plays a major role in the elimination of toxins. In the Chinese model, we can image a river’s flow becoming obstructed resulting in stagnant and polluted water. The same image applies when the circulation of the lymphatic system is compromised. This condition known as “lymphatic congestion” can lead to chronic inflammation, the buildup of toxins within tissues and organs, and may result in the creation of an internal environment ripe for disease.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, also known as thermography, offers a noninvasive and affordable means by which an individual can safely monitor the state of the lymphatic system in the breast, sternum and axilla. If lymphatic congestion is discovered, proactive measures can be taken to regain optimal breast health. The numerous benefits resulting from healthy lymphatic circulation are both profound and achievable.

The lymphatic fluid circulates throughout the body within its own system of vessels. Unlike blood which is propelled by the contraction of the heart, lymph relies on the movement of the body and the contraction of muscles to circulate. With this in mind it is easy to see how the following practices can promote healthy breasts:

• Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing and underwire bras which impede circulation to and from the breasts. Smoking cigarettes inhibits circulation as well and should be avoided.

• One of the major routes by which the lymphatic system eliminates toxins is through the skin when we sweat. Antiperspirants block the sweat glands thereby causing toxins to accumulate in the breasts. This damage is further compounded by the chemicals contained in the products themselves. These products can easily be replaced with natural deodorants.

• Some form of exercise is essential to maximize the health promoting benefits of our lymphatic system. Find some physical activities which are enjoyable and keep your body moving.

Matthew Robinson, LicAc, MAc, is an acupuncturist specializing in trauma and cancer care. Susan Shaw Saari, LicAc, MAOM, is a certified health educator, acupuncturist and certified clinical thermographer. Their practice, Metrowest Thermal Imaging, is located at 25 Grant St., Waltham, and 364 Boston Turnpike Rd., Shrewsbury. For more information, call 781-899-2121 or visit