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A Healthy You & Carol Alt Airs Weekly on Fox News

Apr 30, 2015 10:24PM ● By Karina Gordin

Carol Alt

With countless health and wellness shows populating network television, navigating the profusion of lifestyle and nutrition perspectives may get overwhelming. So what distinguishes the Fox News 30-minute health and wellness show A Healthy You & Carol Alt. Simply put, the host Carol Alt—a world-renowned supermodel—is a literal model of health, and her show reflects that. In other words, Alt only presents the quality of information she represents and lives by. Likewise, Alt is the engine behind the scenes, proactively selecting guests and determining the direction of the show, and what messages it conveys.

A Healthy You & Carol Alt readily showcases guests like Ty Bollinger, who examined the profitability of the “war on cancer” and the suppression of holistic, cost-effective cancer treatment alternatives. Within the same 30-minute time slot, Alt seamlessly fit in Dr. Robert Scott Bell, who investigated an equally contentious issue concerning the hidden history of medicine and health care (medical monopoly) in America. “Food babe” Vani Hari wrapped up the segment by reporting on the major coffeehouse chain Starbucks, questioning the long-term effects of drinking highly caffeinated, acidic and pesticide-riddled beverages, as well as whether the brand’s beans are organic as advertised.

So, what ultimately distinguishes A Healthy You & Carol Alt from other health and wellness TV programs is the no-holds-barred, cut-and-dry, take-noprisoners approach in every segment. After all, with only a four- to six-minute spotlight on each guest, there’s no skirting around an issue and no room nor time for filler. The fat is trimmed and Alt gets to the meat of every issue, every time. Each episode offers outspoken and refreshing new perspectives and twists on old news, old diets and old habits; after all, Alt only shares the kind of information with her viewers that she applies to her own life and daily routines, no compromise.

Each show ends with an installment of “Ask Carol,” in which she divulges her beauty secrets, and answers questions received via Twitter and Facebook. Tune in to A Healthy You & Carol Alt Saturdays at 4 p.m., on Fox News.

Karina Gordin is a medical journalist and currently writes for a variety of commercial and peer-reviewed health publications. She recently sat down with Carol Alt to candidly discuss “A Healthy You & Carol Alt,” and consider the progressive messages promoted in the health and wellness TV series. Karina can be reached at [email protected].