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Brain Health Practitioner Joins Central Square Health and Wellness

Liz Elia

Liz Elia, a certified Crossinology Brain Integration Technique (BIT) practitioner, has joined the team at Central Square Health and Wellness. BIT is a non-invasive, cuttingedge therapy for addressing such issues as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, “foggy brain”, allergies and anxiety, among others.

“BIT is safe, relaxing, effective and easy, making it ideal for children who struggle to thrive in school, or adults who are overwhelmed,” says Elia. “It improves concentration, memory, coordination, emotional stability, reading comprehension, motivation, clarity and drive, and it’s wonderful to see the profound shifts that can occur in a very short period of time.”

Elia also holds certifications in yoga therapy for brain disorders, Reiki, Heart Mind Integration healing and myofascial therapy.

Location: 126 Prospect St., Ste. 5, Cambridge. To learn more, call 617-869-0479. For additional services offered, visit