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Natural Awakenings Boston

Online Course to Improve Vision Naturally

Ree Coleman, founder of Coleman Natural Vision Improvement, will offer a 10- week online course for improving eyesight naturally from June 17 to August 19. Participants will learn how to read more easily, focus in the distance, expand peripheral vision and apply the techniques to sports and ergonomics for computers and handheld devices.  

“If our eyes can get worse, why can’t they get better? We can improve our eyesight naturally, without surgery, drugs or glasses,” says Coleman. “It’s never too late to improve our eyesight, and when we heal our vision, we change our lives. Imagine soft, relaxed eyes and clear vision.”  

The course also includes meditation to see from the core and mind, ideas for customizing the workspace for maximum visual enhancement and yoga sets. Coleman says that vision deteriorates due to lifelong habits of eyestrain, along with physical, mental and emotional stress. “Learning to relax the eyes, visual system and mind allows the eyes to focus with more clarity,” she says. “Eyes don’t necessarily have to age, and natural techniques can save people time and money. My techniques, which worked for me, are easy to learn and apply to everyday life.”

For more information, call 617-838-0928 or visit