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New Book Explains How to Magnetize Your Life

David Scott Bartky, certified Law of Attraction life coach, has released his new book, Magnetize Your Life! available on Bartky says he wrote the book for anyone that wants to learn new techniques for using the Law of Attraction.

“The information in this book will help people to attract more of what they want in life,” says Bartky. “And the immediate benefit to all readers is that using the techniques explained in the book will raise their vibrations, which will reduce any resistance to whatever it is they desire.”

Bartky says that one technique he shares in the book is both fun and magnetizing. It involves sharing a meal with someone in which the only topic discussed is what is desired, creating feelings of excitement. “Doing this will lessen the resistance to that desire, allowing it to manifest,” he says. “I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about finding out how to attract more of what they want.”

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