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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Support Mandatory GMO Labeling in Massachusetts : Action Alert

Due in large part to an outpouring of grassroots support across Massachusetts, this state’s GMO labeling bill, H.3242 has the support of more than 75 percent of the state legislature (154 cosponsors out of 200 total legislators). However, legislators need to hear from many more constituents so they will prioritize and bring GMO labeling up for a full vote this session.

Individuals: Please share the link as a way for people across the state to take quick action by sending a message to their state legislators in support of mandatory GMO labeling. Individuals are also encouraged to pick up the phone and call the offices of their legislators.

Organizations: More than 350 farms, businesses and organizations have so far endorsed GMO labeling in Massachusetts. Compiling a long and diverse list of local entities in support goes a long way to magnifying our voices. Member-based groups with newsletters or active social media outlets also help to activate a statewide network for change in our food supply. There are no other requirements or obligations other than to help share information with members and networks regarding the campaign as appropriate.

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