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Emotional Freedom Technique Virtual Club Now Enrolling

Success Coach Tam Veilleux is now enrolling members to her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping Club, a monthly virtual meeting for people wanting to explore and experience EFT guided by a practitioner. The club offers members a chance to practice the technique and clear stuck emotional energy, while interacting and sharing experiences in a private Facebook group.

EFT/Tapping is an easy-to-use, self-healing tool that is becoming widely known due in part to the movie The Tapping Solution. Medical practitioners are now employing this technique in clinics across the globe. EFT is easy to learn and helps a person to remove old memories and negative emotions, reduce pain, and install and implement positive outcomes.

“EFT/Tapping is the most powerful tool my private coaching clients work with,” says Veilleux. “I’ve seen everything from instant pain reduction to longterm emotional pain relief. Most clients experience a real jump in momentum when they use EFT with regularity. The key is doing tapping with regularity so that you can gain more and more clarity about current life conditions; from that new perspective comes increased personal power, new opportunities and often times, more money.”

Cost: $39 per month. For more information, call Tam Veilleux at 207-592-0377 or visit