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Participants Wanted for Study on Link Between Insomnia and Chronic Pain

Dr. Monika Haack and researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in Boston, are conducting a clinical study on the effects of chronic insomnia on acute pain sensitivity, with a focus on alterations in inflammation and hormonal factors. Until a few years ago, it was assumed that pain caused sleep problems. However, recent research has shed light on this complex relationship: poor sleep and insomnia can lead to or worsen pain.

One potential mechanism of active exploration is that of sleep-induced changes in inflammation. Researchers have investigated how acute sleep loss alters inflammation, and have shown that an increase in inflammation is associated with an increase in the experience of pain.

Haack states, “Based on others and our own research, we are examining if patients with insomnia have different responses to stress and pain compared to healthy sleepers. Our work is focused on how changes in inflammatory systems may play a role in these differences. This work will enable us to increase awareness of sleep disturbances in patients with chronic pain, and, ideally, reduce the burden of pain by improving sleep.”

Participants in the study will be provided with a free app to improve sleep.

To participate in the study, call Monika Haack at 617-667-5234 or email [email protected].