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Natural Awakenings Boston

Consciously Living in Agelessness

The first line of this month’s feature story, “Ageless Being,” by Kathleen Barnes is my favorite in the issue. It reads: “Agelessness: Engaging in and experiencing life without fear of falling, failing, or falling apart.”

Contemplating that definition helped me realize that I may just have grown up enough to comprehend and appreciate the sense of agelessness we enjoy as children. What a boon to have the mental light bulb come alight in the realization that I’m consciously living in agelessness today. There’s no time for fear of anything, including falling, failing or falling apart. So what if things don’t go as planned, desired or expected… we get a new chance every day to start again.

The way I see it, our individual attitudes, perceptions, thoughts and inspired actions regarding every internal and external force in our life are the only things that ever really matter. Recognizing, understanding and embracing that we have a choice in how we respond to any circumstance is perhaps the single most valuable lesson I’ve learned since starting to publish Natural Awakenings more than four years ago.

In September’s Healing Ways department, “Choose Happiness,” Linda Joy shares a few sweet tidbits and tips on how we can “rise up out of our troubles to the other side, shining.” For those times you’re not feeling your best, I recommend picking one or two of these approaches and faithfully practicing them for a few weeks; then check in again to see how you feel. My bet is you’ll feel your mood and circumstances beginning to improve.

My favorite part of the day has recently shifted to be 4:30 to 6:30 a.m. That’s when I’m inevitably awakened by Cooper’s little paw scratching on the bedroom door, letting me know it’s time to start the day’s adventure. After our “waking” routine, we settle on the sofa with Cooper (a nine-pound Yorkie) faithfully curled up in a little ball on my lap or nuzzled by my leg. There continues the ritual that sets the tone for the day as I read, meditate and write in my gratitude journal.

At first, journaling seemed a little awkward for me, but after a few weeks of practicing I became addicted. Now, when I record things I’m grateful for today I include some that haven’t yet manifested outwardly, accepting them as already present. Before I know it an hour has passed and six pages of gratitude notes have been scribbled across the paper. Now my energy for the work ahead surges into inspired action.

Creating this routine happened so gradually and naturally that I didn’t know it was becoming a ritual. Now it serves as a foundation and platform for my personal growth. At the core of the work is a single goal… authentic, perpetual happiness. This state of being brings with it everything I could ever want or need regardless of how great or little money, stuff, physical attributes or external pleasures are currently present in life.

Wherever you are on your journey, whether starting from a dark and fearful place or as close to bliss on Earth as possible, please consider creating rituals that bring you more peace, love and happiness in your daily life.

With warm regards,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher