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Peter Howe : Helping Bodies to Heal Themselves

Sep 02, 2015 11:54AM ● By Kim Childs

Peter Howe was doctoring trees before he became a healer to people. A former tree surgeon, Howe ended that career after it took a toll on his body. Soon after, he found his way to polarity and neuromuscular therapies, becoming certified in both. Now an alternative health practitioner for more than 35 years, Howe has added other methods to his practice of helping bodies to heal from within.

“When we take medications, for the most part we’re addressing symptomology, not the actual cause of the problem,” says Howe. “If you listen to the body and see what it’s telling and showing you, 98 percent of the time there’s a way to peel back the layers and get to the source issue.”

Howe’s own health journey supports his belief in this work. The neuromuscular therapy relieved him of acute pain, and quantum reflex analysis, or QRA, relieved him of such issues as chronic fatigue and high cholesterol. “QRA is an amazing way of using kinesiology and acupressure points to ‘talk to the body’ and find weaknesses in the organs and glands and strengthen them with specific herb combinations,” he explains. “Today I live a healthy, pain-free life as long as I maintain practices that work for me, including proper nutrition and stretching.”

Howe helps clients with thyroid, bowel and digestive issues, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, Lyme disease, migraines, chronic pain and surgical recovery. In addition to QRA and neuromuscular therapy, Howe uses bio-communications diagnostics to determine the root cause of symptoms.

“This computer program finds what’s stressing the body the most, which could be high levels of heavy metals, parasitic infestation, emotional stress, or something else,” he says. “Each healthy organ has a specific vibratory rate. If that’s out of balance, it will show up on the computer.”

Once the underlying problem is determined, Howe uses nutrition, herbs and mudpacks to correct imbalances and restore effective communication in the body. “Mother nature offers us everything we need to support our health with detoxing and nutrition,” says Howe. “I’ve had many women who couldn’t lose weight and, with mud-packing and herbs that ‘talk to the thyroid,’ they lose weight and their hair grows back.”

Peter Howe practices at 98 Parmenter Rd., Framingham. To learn more, call 508-838-1101 or visit

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