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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Intensive Training on Lyme Disease, Awakening the Spiritual Heart and Aromatherapy Certification

Also offered as a webinar, Lyme Disease Practitioner Training with Tommy Priester begins September 9 at the Boston School of Herbal Studies. This six-session intensive teaches students how to use herbs and supplements specific to Lyme disease and co-infections, determine which tests are most accurate, support the body to repair damage caused by Lyme and address the psycho-spiritual dynamics responsible for immune suppression. The focus is to restore balance so that those afflicted with Lyme are symptom free.

Beginning September 16, Patrice Green introduces a four-month intensive program on Awakening the Spiritual Heart using herbs, flower essences and essential oils. Focusing on the heart as the seat of spiritual and emotional awareness, students learn a three-step process to protect, center and open the heart as well as mantras, meditations and shamanic journeying techniques to deepen the inner connection.

Linda Patterson returns on September 26 to once again teach a comprehensive Aromatherapy Certification Course. This four-month program addresses the body systems, common ailments and essential oils most helpful for each condition. Three methods of blending are introduced along with demonstrations of how to use essential oils in everyday life. Students also learn how to make natural cosmetics and use essential oils to trigger memory, mood and attraction.

The Boston School of Herbal Studies also offers herbal apprenticeship programs, advanced training and a variety of classes including Qigong, Medicinal Mushrooms and Immunity taught by Lewis La.

For more information, contact the Boston School of Herbal Studies at 781-646-6319 or visit