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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

A Peaceful Revolution

I am struck by the first sentence of our feature story this month and its timing. “Awakening the Global Heart” by Natural Awakenings Senior Staff Writer Linda Sechrist states: “As individuals and in groups, more people today are expressing deep inner caring and compassion for fellow humans and all life on this planet by hitching their heartfelt energies to powerful actions that hold the promise of a sustainable future.”

Thanks to the governing Higher Power that sometimes reveals itself in what we call synchronicity, co-incidence or serendipity… we are also happy to share the launch of our next event, The Revolution of Consciousness (TROC), which you can read more about starting on the back cover.

It’s the welcome result of feedback from participants that attended our Mind- Body Experiential Event & Expo last May. They made it crystal clear that our community is craving heartfelt connections through a deeper knowledge and understanding of ourselves and one another. We continue to hear stories of such experiences that are changing people’s lives.

In planning toward the ultimate vision of the desired result with my friend and mentor Brian Sean Reid, the theme came about based on our intention to bring together local thought leaders and practitioners qualified to help us all evolve into who we really are and have been all along. The idea is akin to re-evolving back to who we were when we were born, before outside influences grabbed hold to mold us into who we “think” we are today. What better place on Earth than the birthplace of the American Revolution to forward The Revolution of Consciousness?

Merriam-Webster defines revolution as “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something; a change of paradigm.” In the 18th century, the colonists shifted how they saw themselves and wanted to live and ended up choosing to embrace massive change with the intention of freeing themselves from limiting impositions that were holding them back.

In the 21st century, our ongoing intention is that what readers discover in these pages and experience at events like The Revolution of Consciousness will spark cherished desires and fuel the vision of those seeking to discover and make the most of heartfelt opportunities to grow. Like America’s early pioneers, we can let go of fears that are holding us captive to some outgrown personal status quo.

I find that the most crucial part of my own evolution is getting my predefined self out of the way, so that the revolution bubbling up within can move me forward. My job every day is to clear and clean the thoughts and emotions that would keep me from creating the marvels still to come on this amazing journey.

To a peaceful revolution,

 Maisie Raftery, Publisher