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Anna Clayton: Insightful Transformation : Business Spotlight

Anna Clayton

Anna Clayton, founder of Insightful Transformation, helps people achieve effortless, rapid healing with her unique energy healing gifts. As the child of two psychotherapists, she always knew she wanted to help people. She became a licensed psychotherapist herself, but was frustrated by how long it took for clients to achieve their goals.

She began studying energy healing in 2004 and then in 2012, she was sitting in meditation and could feel a download of powerful energy. “I thought I was just receiving a healing, but my spiritual teacher ‘appeared’ and said that I had received the first of many transmissions of a new healing gift, Mother’s Milk Divine Mother Energy.”

With this unique gift and another healing tool from the angels, AngelHeart Healing Energy, Clayton is able to work below the level of consciousness and clear issues at the root, whether the origin is this lifetime or a past life. Working in this way releases issues at the karmic level and even the genetic level, bypassing the resistance that can arise at the ordinary level of consciousness and achieving rapid and permanent transformation.

Clayton went on to expand her holistic health education by becoming a certified herbalist and shamanic healer, and certified holistic health coach. That expertise adds depth to her energy healing work, which she calls “Transformational Healing.” She says “I love to work with highly sensitive people since I am one myself.”

She offers individual 90-minute healing sessions, as well as monthly group healing events, in her office in Arlington. Clayton teaches her AngelHeart Healing Energy by transmitting the ability to students in classes several times a year. She is a collaborative author of the forthcoming book, Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul.

Insightful Transformation is located at 259 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, in The Healing Center. To learn more and receive her free e-book on Accessing Your Intuition, visit