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Upcoming Events and Programs at CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism

CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism is now accepting applications for its Herbal Apprenticeship Program. This program has expanded over the years, and currently includes 230 classroom hours over nine months, an online forum and a class camping trip to newly acquired school property in Royalston for medicinal plant harvesting.

“We’re so proud of how this program has grown,” says Director Katja Swift. “We’re able to cover a lot more material with the extra classroom hours, and having home study supported with an online forum allows students to tailor their learning to their individual interests.”

 Other programs are growing and expanding as well with a focus on bringing in exciting teachers from across the country. The guest lecture series wraps up for this year on October 31 and November 1, featuring Tammi Sweet, an herbal teacher from New York.

“We’re so excited to host Tammi Sweet to speak on her favorite topic: Stress, Relaxation and the Heart,” says Swift. “Tammi offers great insight in how to survive in our stressful modern lives, and she’s such a fun teacher, she really makes learning enjoyable. This time of year is a very pivotal time for making change, and what better way than to learn about how we can change our relationship with stress?”

Location: 25 St. Mary’s Ct., Brookline. For more information, call 617-750-5274 or visit