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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Voice Workshops for Emotional Health

Barry Harris

Singer and voice teacher Barry Harris will be offering his popular voice workshops in December to individuals interested in learning how to experience spiritual surrender through studying voice. He says, “It is no longer just an abstract idea, but an actual experience. Unexpected emotional healing can result from studying voice.” Dates and locations have not yet been determined. According to Harris, one’s happiness and power depend on one’s authentic experience of emotions, and studying voice is a great way to be spiritually reborn beyond the ego-mind, and thus, experience a happier and more powerful life. “Disempowering our usual controlling ego-mind is a gigantic first step in spiritual transformation,” he says.

His workshops and teachings are excellent for people that have damaged their voices, as well as for those who haven’t, because he teaches the balance between singing with maximum high energy emotional vitality, yet with the gentleness of no muscle resistance. “Singing done by Spirit’s grace is the secret to all good and optimal singing, whether or not one has damaged or weakened one’s voice,” he explains.

Cost: $60 for four-hour workshop, with partial scholarships available. For upcoming workshop dates and locations, call 857-998-3677 or visit