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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Free Workshop on Natural Solutions to Digestive Problems

Thuraya Cable, LAc, and Julie Burke, DC, will present a free digestive health workshop at 7:15 p.m., December 3, at Newton Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. The workshop presents natural strategies for helping with such issues as irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, emotional eating, bloating and chronic constipation.

Cable will explain basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs, while Burke will explain how to counter the effects of stress on the body and how using basic supplements can help even longstanding issues.

“Millions of people experience digestive issues of all kinds and manage the symptoms, not the underlying problems,” says Burke. “When the digestive system is impacted it decreases our ability to absorb nutrients and, therefore, makes us prone to other health issues, as this system is vital to immune function. The digestive system is also one of the primary places where serotonin is manufactured in the body, so digestive issues can be made worse by stress and may actually create an inability to handle stress.”

Cost: Free. Location: 383 Elliot St., Door F (Echo Bridge Office Park), Newton Upper Falls. To learn more, call 617-964-3332 or visit