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Alphabiotics : The Applied Science of Stress Relief

Dec 28, 2015 05:27PM ● By Tess Rivers

Hungarian-born Hans Selye (1907-1982) and his landmark research on physiological stress awoke the public to the role of stress in our lives, while inspiring a generation of scientists and thousands of research projects over the last half century. It is now a scientific consensus that the unavoidable and unending stress of modern living is the cause of many health conditions, effecting us on every level of being—cognitive and emotional as well as physical and behavioral.

As a result, more people have turned to mind-body practices such as tai chi, yoga and meditation to help prevent daily stressors like job and money worries, deadlines, traffic, poor diet and relationship challenges from taking their toll. Yet many, despite the best of intentions and dedication, have been frustrated with incomplete results and nagging problems that refuse to yield. Some find it difficult to even get started; for example, just clearing the chatter in one’s mind while meditating.

Clark Reddick, board-certified developmental alphabiotist at The Boston Alphabiotic Center, suggests that years, perhaps decades of adaptation to chronic stress can rewire the brain in a way that makes it impossible to get out of our own way.

“Our nervous systems were wired at birth to allow for whole brain function,” Reddick explains. “It is our birthright. As we age, our brain frequencies steadily increase, which is normal. Our contention is that they should plateau in the alpha frequency range as one approaches adulthood, because this is the only range that allows for the whole brain state while awake. Our research has concluded, as has the research of many others, that the vast majority of adults are ‘stuck’ in the beta frequency range, or the range associated with ‘fight or flight’. Because our brains are ‘plastic’ and are able to adapt and reshape, ‘beta brain lock’ becomes our new normal. Our default self healing program becomes permanently out of reach.”

Through use of a clinically proven, hands-on process, alphabiotics directly countermands the stress response by instantly reducing brain frequencies and unifying and balancing energy between the left and right hemispheres. “Decades back, with the widespread adoption of the personal computer, and the accompanying frustration with having them hang, we nicknamed our process ‘the reboot’,” says Reddick. “You could try working around it (a hung computer) for a while, but inevitably you’d press that button. We do the same—only the human brain reboots much faster.”

The ‘reboot’ is actually a stress pattern interrupt that allows one to exit ‘protective mode’ and run one’s ‘default’ self healing program. Technically called an ‘alignment with life’, the process employs a unique movement that commences at the occiput and effectively acts to elongate the entire body. “The decompressive effects feel great, but are secondary,” says Reddick, smiling. “The real magic is in the profound state of integration one experiences as fight or flight is shed in favor of deep parasympathetic activity. You instantly calibrate at a higher state of consciousness. It’s amazing.” Reddick goes on to explain that it is vital to balance the body at the same time. “There may be dozens of systems out there to balance the brain. And they have little to no impact on body balance. For this reason, they disappoint. Only through a deep state of integration evidenced by brain and body balance are you likely to get the desired results.”

A dramatic increase in strength and drop in body tension are almost always seen, as are full abdominal breathing and a profound state of relaxation and awareness. “I have never felt such immediate relief with any treatment,” says client Nancy Somera.

“I have received chiropractic care in the past, but this one movement went so much deeper and released all built up tension, both physical and emotional, instantly. It’s hard to believe, but I instantly experienced a sense of calm and complete rebalancing between mind and body.”

Results have been reported on a wide range of health challenges, for example stress, brain fog, depression, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, TMJ, body tension, pain, lost range of motion, digestive disorder, ad infinitum.

For more information, call Clark Reddick at 617-930-2133 or visit