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Natural Awakenings Boston

True Healing

Welcome 2016! I’m eager to see what good surprises life has in store this year. We’ve already broken ground preparing for a new interactive website for our sister brand, The Revolution of Consciousness; more news on that to follow later this year. Plus, as always, we’re on a mission to bring you fresh, relevant and helpful cutting-edge content each month to further engage and inspire you in your chosen path of realizing optimal wellness.

Our new publishing year again kicks off with the annual Health and Wellness issue. Lisa Marshall’s feature article, “The Rise of Functional Medicine,” paints a clear picture of the critical nature of getting to the root cause of any disease if we are to realize true healing. Positioned as the bridge integrating the best of medical and holistic practices, Natural Awakenings is delighted to support all healthcare practitioners that help us navigate our individual wellness journey in the most natural way possible.

We love to hear your stories of progress and also receive feedback on how we’re doing and might improve. So please keep the emails coming as we seek to continually enhance the quality of this magazine in serving you. Thank you for picking up your free copy each month, reading it cover to cover and supporting the advertisers that make it possible for us to bring you Natural Awakenings of Boston—we greatly appreciate you all.

With warm wishes for a healthy and prosperous year,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher