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Health Begins at Home

Dec 28, 2015 06:14PM ● By Peter Howe

The world is now facing some new and interesting health challenges, due in part to the bombardment of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) creating energetic distortions in the environment and all life forms. The Chinese refer to this as sha chi which is translated as killer or attacking energies. Similar to radiation, it can’t be seen and has no smell and yet it influences life every hour of every day. All are vulnerable and affected.

The good news is that sha chi can be eliminated or at least moderated in and around the home. Electrical wiring, wi-fi (possible links to demineralization within one’s body), cell phones, electrical appliances and more cause sha chi. Even driving a car or having food scanned at the checkout, cell towers, and high-tension wires or transformers near living spaces all produce sha chi.

As electric beings, life forms have a bio-field, a vibrating resonating high frequency energy field that emanates from and surrounds the physical body, which needs to communicate coherently from environment to body and body to environment. Meridians and chakras, scientifically proven to exist, are part of this bio-field. They feed the subtle energy which supports not only the physical body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

When receiving disrupting frequencies, daily vitality is depleted and health issues arise. The body’s ability to efficiently digest, eliminate, organize thoughts or sleep deeply is impaired. Other issues may include depression, hyperactivity, attention deficit, work deficiencies and so forth.

Quality of life is truly challenged in many ways. Becoming aware of and responsible for what is around one’s environment is the first step in overcoming these invisible insults.

Fortunately, there are many actions that can be taken and simple remedies that are available to help all.

  • Use specific kinesiology testing techniques to discover and resolve sha chi issues.
  • Feng shui or vastu the home to enhance energetic harmony.
  • Place EMF devices on phones, computers or wi-fi.
  • Place pyramids, artifacts and crystals around one’s home.
  • Wear appropriate cell resonate jewelry (precious and semi-precious stones, silver, gold and copper).
  • Raise the cell energy of the exterior environment of one’s home such as flower beds and lawn through remineralization.
  • Avoid using low resonating fertilizers and weed killers. Organic only please.
  • Take sea salt and baking soda baths to reduce cumulative radiation exposure.
  • Take walks in the woods or swim in the ocean to reconnect with Mother Nature.
  • Be aware of young children’s accumulated exposure, and how close the phone is carried or held next to the body.

Being that this is the first generation to be exposed to all these new technologies, and how it has rapidly permeated just about every square inch of modern society, long-term exposure is still under review. Independent European studies have shown that this is not in the best interest for quality of life. Here in the U.S., independent studies from large corporations say quite the opposite. Be the judge. Be diligent, aware and responsible. Check research studies; there are plenty including information at the National Institute of Environment Health Sciences (

Peter Howe has been a healer and holistic health practitioner practicing alternative health for more than 30 years. He is owner of Wellness Within Reach located at 98 Parmenter Rd., Framingham. For more information, call 508-838-1101 or visit