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Aligning With Our True Self

February’s feature article, “The Power of Friendship,” by Judith Fertig, delves into just some of the myriad roles friendships can fulfill in our lives. The story I’m sharing this month with you explores the depth of resounding impact just one person can have, whether knowingly or unwittingly.

Recently, in a tragic, perfect storm of outside forces converging in a single moment, a lifelong friend passed away unexpectedly from this plane of experience, his life still continuing to teach valuable lessons. While his beautiful smile remains with us here in memory and photos, there’s no question for me that he lives on, serving us in ways he never possibly could in physical form.

Coping with the personal effects of his loss has brought me to an unexpected turning point; it’s caused me to reevaluate my own journey and recognize that I’ve been only halfheartedly living the life I profess to lead. Such revelations occur within the heart, not the head, and I am determined to get to the root of my error and make a conscious course correction, what I anticipate will be one of many.

Thus I began to deeply focus on inner work, starting by reading, studying and absorbing the messages of as many Wayne Dyer videos and Abraham-Hicks CDs as I could lay my hands on. Digging into A Course in Miracles and The “I AM” Discourses also are aiding my search for a better understanding of how to “just BE”.

The common thread among all of these teachings comes down to one thing— alignment. Until we find a way to align with our true self; that is love, joy, bliss or whatever emotion feels truest for each of us... to find it, then find it again and again, we cannot expect to consistently manifest inner peace.

For those ready to join me in finding greater health and peace this year, this month’s special Natural Healthy Living Directory issue introduces you to many practitioners and coaches that can aid you on your journey. The Directory starts on page 24, and we recommend that you keep this issue nearby for easy reference throughout the year.

Peace to you all in the spirit of friendship, together for a season, a reason or a lifetime,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher