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Kristi Borst : Healing Resonance, LLC

Kristi Borst “sees” an innate body intelligence which seeks, and most times attains, balance and wellness. She believes when we hold onto fears, traumas, negativity and self-limiting beliefs this ability to heal in compromised. Her gift is connecting with and transmuting these blocks so the client can heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Borst was told to shut down her intuitive healing gift as a toddler. Healing classes taken 50 years later served as gateways, she believes, to her reconnecting with her gift in 2013. Since then she has been assisting others through private and group healing sessions, speaking internationally and creating energy-in-form healing artwork incorporating the healing codes she embodies.

Services provided: Healing facilitation sessions (in-person in Wells, Maine, or worldwide via phone/Skype) include an individualized blend of energetic touch with some level of dialog and/or guided imagery to achieve chakra/ body/emotional clearing and balancing, deep inner work, and/or release of blocks to healing mind/body/soul. Individual/couple (heal self/marriage) and family work. On-demand healing audios and group sessions listed online.

Areas of specialty: Borst’s gift and Perspective Reboot process has offered relief from sciatica, TMJ, joint pain and other physical ailments for which surgery or no available treatment was indicated; COPD lung capacity increase; accelerated post-surgical healing; elimination of depression, PTSD symptoms and suicidal urges; release of self-limiting beliefs, fears, negativity and childhood trauma.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “The power of pure love (God/Source/ Creator) connects us all,” she says. “Through that heart-way, I am able to connect with and help my clients heal, across space and time. This is not alternative medicine; this is ancient medicine.”

Kristi Borst, Healing Resonance LLC. Perspective Reboot is a registered trademark belonging to Kristi Borst. For more information, call 207-216- 0473, email [email protected] or visit HealingBoston.Us.