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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Rose Siple : Thought Alchemy’s Transformational Center

Rose Siple is a deeply spiritual professional, and founder and director of Healing Through Spirit, established in 2005, as well as the founder and director of Thought Alchemy’s Transformation Center, established in 2014. She possesses an exceptional understanding of human consciousness and every human’s ability to transform themselves into the best they can be.

Siple has been counseling, healing, teaching, guiding and training individuals using hypnosis for more than 10 years, helping them move toward their goals and make positive changes. A teacher and lifelong student of various disciplines of spiritual and philosophical approaches to life, Siple lives her life according to the highest principles dictated by these teachings. She can help anyone who wants to change, become more authentic and confident, eliminate unwanted habits, heal the body physically, emotionally and spiritually, achieve goals, move in a positive direction and live life in balance.

Services provided: Hypnotherapy, virtual gastric band hypnosis, spiritual counseling, alternative therapies, integrated mental and emotional healing (IME), life and health transformation coaching, reiki and other modalities of transcendental healing.

Areas of specialty: Improve self-esteem and self-confidence; reduce fears, phobias and obsessive patterns; pain management; weight loss; smoking cessation; healthy living; achieving goals; spiritual growth and more.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “At the root of all negative behaviors and patterns is an initial focus that had a positive end goal,” she says. “Understanding this positive intention and redirecting it through the power of hypnosis begins the process of freeing us from the shackles of the mind and permits us to redirect ourselves into a healthier more positively aligned way of living.”

Rose Siple, Thought Alchemy’s Transformational Center, in Rehoboth, MA. For more information, call 774-991-0574, email [email protected], or visit and