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Iveta Iontcheva-Barehmi, DMD, MS, DSc. : Boston Dental Wellness

Boston Dental Wellness is a holistic dental practice with an emphasis on periodontal medicine, implants and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Iontcheva-Barehmi uses unique diagnostic and healing technologies, such as scenar therapy, ozone therapy and several different kinds of lasers.

Services provided: Dental Distress Syndrome treatment, head and neck pain management, zirconia solution to titanium implant, Vitamin C gum rejuvenation, integrative periodontal medicine, periodontal spa, ozone therapy, cosmetic and restorative dentistry and laser therapy.

Areas of specialty: Periodontics, implants, biological and physiological dentistry and energy medicine.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “Our bodies are intelligent,” says Iontcheva-Barehmi. “All the body organs and systems are interconnected and related to each other; the teeth and the mouth are part of and related to the whole body. Our bodies are perfect self-sustainable systems, capable of selfhealing and self-regeneration.”

Iveta Iontcheva-Barehmi, DMD, MS, DSc., Boston Dental Wellness, 1842 Beacon St., Ste. 305, Brookline. For more information, call 617-868-1516 or visit