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Massachusetts Poised to Join Regional Tipping Point Toward Mandatory GMO Labeling

A proposed bill that gives consumers the ability to know which foods are genetically engineered has an unprecedented amount of bipartisan support. More than 75 percent of state lawmakers have signed on to bill H.3242; however, unless legislators hear from constituents in large numbers, it may not be voted on before the legislative session ends in July.

Supporters across the state should contact their state representative and senator and ask them to push for a vote on GMO labeling. This is a critical moment for the movement for transparency in food labeling. Connecticut and Maine passed GMO labeling in 2013, but they won’t go into effect until neighboring states also pass it. New York’s GMO labeling bill was recently advanced out of committee and Rhode Island’s bill also has a great amount of legislative support. Vermont’s GMO labeling law is scheduled to go into effect this July, and last month the world’s largest soup company, Campbell’s, announced that it is breaking from the industry groups and getting behind mandatory GMO labeling.

Now is the time to send a strong message to Washington, D.C. that we need a national GMO labeling bill which provides clear, conspicuous, on-package disclosure of genetically engineered ingredients. But the only way to get there is through states taking action.

Massachusetts residents can take action at Supporters in other states can connect with their state movement at