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Natural Awakenings Boston

Interactive E-Course on Practicing and Teaching Strain-Free Yoga

Cecile Raynor, founder and director of Off-the-Mat Yoga, is offering an online course on teaching and practicing yoga with no strain, whether in sitting postures or challenging poses. The 90-day C.L.E.A.R. intensive e-course, which begins April 1, includes a free introduction in which Raynor outlines the course content and benefits and answers questions.

“Too many people bring their unconscious daily habits to the yoga mat and, in an effort to do their best, they often reinforce harmful habits, leading to strain and pain in the neck, shoulders, back and joints,” says Raynor. “This course unlocks the mystery of these injuries to help clear them and prevent them from returning.”

Raynor says her Off-The-Mat Yoga methods are about helping yogis uncover common habits that promote strained muscles and joints. “I give them tools to unlearn these habits, which allows them to function at their highest potential, both on the yoga mat and in daily life,” she says.

Early registration for the 90-day course during the free introduction will be rewarded with special bonuses. For local teachers, Raynor is offering a Mastermind Group for Committed Yoga Teachers with a Vision, also starting in April, at her Brookline studio.

Cost: $497 for Beta launch (or 3 payments of $197). Location: 33A Harvard St., Brookline Village. For more information, call 617-359-7841 or visit or