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Groton Wellness Welcomes Dr. Daniel Cagua-Koo as Medical Director

Dr. Daniel Cagua-Koo

Dr. Daniel Cagua-Koo, is the new medical director at Groton Wellness. Cagua-Koo is certified by the Family Medicine Board and specializes in biotoxin illnesses, chronic heavy metal burdens, environmental toxicity and mold, among other issues. He is joined at Groton by biotoxin specialist Lenore Saulsberry.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Dan and Lenore to our innovative community health and wellness center,” says Groton co-founder Dr. Jean Nordin-Evans. “Their approach in combining traditional medical training with an in-depth knowledge of biotoxins and environmental toxicity will help our patients immensely. As medical director, Dr. Dan will also help to further integrate our practitioners so that patients receive the best care possible.”

Cagua-Koo’s specialization in environmental toxins includes advice regarding products used in the home, lifestyle analysis and medical tests as needed. He offers a free, 15-minute phone consultation to new patients and will be the featured speaker at a free practitioner’s breakfast on April 19. To register, visit the calendar of events at

Groton Wellness is the first holistic center of its kind in the United States, with professionals in preventative and functional medicine and dental care. It has had great success treating such chronic health issues as Lyme disease, hormonal imbalance and internal toxicity.

Location: Groton Wellness, Mill Run Plaza, 493-495 Main St., Groton. For more information, call 978-449-9919 or visit